37. ‘spit it out...’

zaza ginz


Fantasy & Mythology


30.0W X 40.0H X 2.0D cm

USD 150

+ USD Shipping:


a red canvas, left side taken with a partial profile of a young man, a lock & chain round his neck. who else but sid vicious. the bleeding mouth in a growling/ sneering expression.the red is striking. it is indeed, a very striking image that has been traced & painted by me. for all his faults, he is a pop ikon of the twentieth century. he is a hero even: dead at 21 of an overdose administered by his mother, after a stint in prison for killing nancy, his girl! or did he commit suicide. or did someone else kill her! the tale is told & retold. there is a film of sid & nancy to boot. a very good film. sid was, and remains a legend, a punk legend. he was a mess! the question remains, was it a question of his own doing. if you are into punk, this is the one for you. [available here on stretched canvas. can also be printed on acrylic glass. ltd edition. only one large one to be made.]

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