Originary Self

Runhild Roeder


Religion, Philosophy & Astrology


20.5W X 20.5H cm

USD 149

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I painted this work after writing after writing my magnum opus " Truth over Method: Art Matters" published with MOREBOOKS> de and " IS Sacred syntactically and semantically dense"? published also with the same German publisher. This work represents my thoughts on "Bildung And Freedom" third book published with the same firm. My purpose in life is to reach clarity in thought , word and deed. I am ruthlessly engaged in a resolute manner investigating perpetually inner well being aligned with inner Universal well being. My studies led me to read Sir Rabinder Nath Tagore's Reader and poetry he taught to my mentor Hans George Gadamer, one of the leading philosophers of the century. This meant I revise Greeks and Germans' Philosophical works and try to establish links with Advaita Vedanta. Of course to my surprise I saw that indeed Gadamer was right in telling me and writing in his own magnus opus " Truth and Method" that West has already learnt from Vedas and India Philosophy and Religion. Sharma's Supervisor at Harvard also was quoted saying West has borrowed their religion from elsewhere while India has Her own Religious ground. WE all know implications and distinction between of what we grow up and what we appropriate. I trust if you are all searching for your roots, please do not hesitate to read my books or look at my art works. If it enhances your wisdom and existential ease and increases your joy and gratitude I will have accomplished my aim.

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