Poetry in Gold D7

Shan Re




24.0W X 24.0H inches

USD 1050

+ USD Shipping:


In this body of work I’m exploring the various philosophical connotations of the color gold. Gold is an age old symbol for the transformation of the soul. In terms of alchemy, Gold is considered the ultimate symbol of virtue, longevity, eternity and it is the color of supreme consciousness. As a true artist I see life as an abundant opportunity to explore infinite dimensions within myself. For me art is an attempt to bypass the physical world and discover My work is a reminder how positive spirit brings joy and hope to the challenges of human experience. My paintings evoke a sense of peace and help you to revitalise the stream of your consciousness ....Though they are immersed in deep silence they are always trying to communicate with you through my magical pictorial language. The empty canvas in my studio is my valued friend and a trusted companion and always inspires me to uncover my mind.

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