The Green Dragon

Glen Paul Mendes


Drawing & Illustration
Ethnic, Cultural & Tribal


20.0W X 20.0H cm

USD 37

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Emerging Artist Glen PauL Mendes Self-taught outsider artist who wanted a way in. Life as an artist was difficult, and Glen had to sacrifice a lot of personal freedoms, he moved from a seaside town to London UK and invested all his savings in art school after gaining a full scholarship he qualified in 2017. Glen is a fine art, painting, illustration and visual media artist. Materials are canvas wood board paper using mainly acrylic and graffiti paint marker pens Glens style is influenced by expressionist, and cobra art movements, his style is a cultural mix of Urban Ethnic and Celtic. Studio Assistant, to Russian Avant Guarde Artist - Valery Martynchik and Paul Freud. Currently: Google maps local guide, ”artist on the run” collating photos and conducting onsite reviews on select sites on London downloaded into Google maps and have over 80,000 views.

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