Mars is green and yellowish

Runhild Roeder


Astronomy & Space


20.5W X 20.5H cm

USD 399

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I painted this after exploring space and seeing INGENUITY MARS HELICOPTOR TECH DEMO : Plans Underway for Ingenuity's Sixth Flight> This flight depends on how well you can master mind aerodynamic performance. I have been quasi trained in piloting a two seater helicopter in Abbotsford air field. It is the most magnificent experience one can have to be up in the air flying as low as you wish above the mountain tops and turn around at will !!! Keats' "Ode to Nightingale did not need a helicopter. She had her wings to fly with !!! Her happy lot was indeed enviable. Imagination has wings of poesy. Poetic episteme is closer to the ontological any time. I hope you enjoy reading this and love interpreting this work as much as I have treasured painting this creation and describing it here

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