Alexis D'Silva




60.98W X 152.0H cm

USD 300

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When creating a maximalist artwork, I drew inspiration from my previous artwork of a distorted face. In the 21st century, social media displays negative body images that can cause unrealistic expectations of how a person’s body should look like. By changing the original artwork, the gain was having the same storyline, which was beauty beyond perfection. In addition, this fits with the larger field of art because, I want to emphasize the superficial nature of physical beauty and compel the audience to consider a broader view of beauty. Moreover, from the influences of other maximalist artworks, I created a vignette so that the subject matter would be the focal point of the piece. Furthermore, by using lines to create the white outline of the distorted face, lips, and eyes, it created a hedonic tone. The lines created a hedonic tone because the form was rotated and cluttered in different places. Similarly, I was inspired and influenced by many maximalist artworks to create a hedonic tone with chaotic feeling. This links back to my original message that beauty doesn’t have to be symmetric. By changing the narrator to create an asymmetrical face, lets the audience see something beyond perfection. Hence, the reason why I chose this representation because I liked how I could create a chaotic, asymmetric piece that correlates with my message of my original artwork. Although the distorted face in the center looks very colorful, when taking a closer look, we can see that the face contains complementary and an analogous color scheme. The complementary and analogous color scheme enhances the asymmetric and imperfection atmosphere of the piece. In addition, the color palette added definition to areas, which enhanced the asymmetric part of the face. In the background, I used a monochromatic color palette and played with repetition to reinforce the story of beauty beyond perfection. Hence, the specific choice of color, lines, and asymmetry made the project original.

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