"You and I are GOD"

Runhild Roeder




22.0W X 30.0H cm

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An extraordinary vision of Ramana Maharishi who answered this question to another Christian follower that God is " You and I' prompted this work of mine. ! For him there was no other ultimate reality other than him and the questioner. A strange and fascinating mystic who I was told by a Quebec psychiatrist. Latter shared this with me as we had a brief but meaningful exchange over coffee after a recital at Kabir Centre for learning and culture here in Montreal. I have been reading about this incredible thinker , intellectual mystic in a few pamphlets, I happened to have now for two decades. Now I see Dr Arvind .Sharma has published a book on him. Its about time Ramana got exposure since he influenced thinkers in search of God or to decipher ultimate reality.. Apparently Ramana held everything is predetermined. I must say from my part I am always on the search for true meaning and purpose of life for us all and particularly for myself. I felt moved by this phrase and dictum of Ramana ages back and once again to continue looking into human psyche I am embarking on studies in neuro science. Eventually I might go all the way to join once again experts who help those who lose touch with reality and tend towards taking their own lives or live diminished .lives. I found great satisfaction in helping my art collectors collect my paintings or ones of other artists in my art gallery. Art obviously lightens our journey and gives unshakable joy. Life in essence is SAt chit ananda I am told by Indian sages and seers. Dr Sharma could translate this for us but I have a notion it is , blissful consciousness in truth. The word "truth" temporal or ultimate has always been on the top of my list as is beauty , love and consciousness. Let us all begin with this search consciously and we might find God is not far!!! }Kingdom of God is within" according to every scripture. It might just be therefore when we land on truth our bodily cells lit up. Neurons fire and spray water on the brain and we say Eureka! Let this be your artwork to remind you of such a journey and have it right there with you. I would think if those who committed suicide had felt Ramana 's energy field as the lady Quebec psychiatrist felt they may have found real purpose in their lives and consequently unshakable self confidence that accrues when one realises why one is here and why one has certain passions in life to contribute towards increasing joy of others. Art is my passion as is writing or composing music and playing it on the piano or keyboard. has two of my cds artist :RunhildRoeder1&2 Look at the preview and listen to them as you stare at this work. hope you will have an epiphany of sorts!!! Much joy to you

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runhild62055 replied 2 years, 3 months ago let us together transcend suffering unnecessarily !! we are in it together... God is we and God
runhild62055 replied 2 years, 3 months ago come on viewers, you text me to say beautiful words on my art. why not give your feed back here? Please encourage others to share your epiphanies while you relish what you see and feel... much joy to you your joy from your ephinaies this stunning