Zen Monk

Runhild Roeder


Ethnic, Cultural & Tribal


25.0W X 30.0H cm

USD 799

+ USD Shipping:


I wonder if I can describe this inexpressible experience painting this artwork kunstwerk. It is awesome to paint a Zen Monk from my soul. I have done Zen practice but I had no idea that I will one day successfully reach a point of effortlessly share a painting that will look like this one. I just loved playing with yellow , red, brown , purple and black and a dash of green on this white cardboard. Perhaps my meditations rewarded me with this master piece. Neoexpressionist cobra style comes naturally to me. I have spent my entire life looking at North European Art and collecting lithographs of COBRA works. My first work was considered a Paul Klee. Vienna and Antwerp is in my blood. I supervised young artists in Vienna at Vienna Academy and in Antwerp Fine Arts. Sometimes we get lucky and it pays off daily practice of meditation, reflection and studies in Philosophy bear concrete fruit. I trust viewers will treasure this creative piece to allow it to quicken their imagination and bring joy and tranquility amidst noise and haste of our every day frenzy.

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