Red Deer

Glen Paul Mendes


Drawing & Illustration
Ethnic, Cultural & Tribal


20.0W X 20.0H cm

USD 37

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Emerging Artist Glen PauL Mendes Self-taught outsider artist who wanted a way in. Life as an artist was difficult, and Glen had to sacrifice a lot of personal freedoms, he moved from a seaside town to London UK and invested all his savings in art school after gaining a full scholarship he qualified in 2017. Glen is a fine art, painting, illustration and visual media artist. a self-taught outsider with art school education. My work is immersive and often depicts the inner universe where the struggle for recognition becomes a battle. Interested in urban artists and where they decide on a territory to form a community which is where I will be from time to time from this I slowly developed an image hunting technique which became a method of working incorporating a taught shamanic technique into my work. Influenced by expressionist artists and cobra art movement with hints of a pagan Celtic Druidry. My art style is fluid as I love water being a Cancerian emotive yet powerful. Signs symbols and channelled spirit energy infuse my work the elements of the mystic. I have developed painting into Photo-illustration. working on paper, canvas and found objects, using mainly acrylic paint and paint marker pens. I work from home and my art practice is humble yet slowly growing and hope to have my own solo show next year. sizes vary from A4 to A1will send paper artwork in a roll with tissue paper signed and certificated.

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