53. “david with mohican”

zaza ginz


Fantasy & Mythology


20.0W X 20.0H X 2.0D cm

USD 76

+ USD Shipping:


we have so much to thank warhol & pop art for. here is michelangelo’s david done digitally in warhol fashion. a digital drawing which is printed digitally. a total virtual process yet we end up with a canvas picture at the end of it, that can be hung on a wall. its really marvellous what we artists can do these days. i love it! carrying on a tradition that stretches back hundreds of years buy using state of the art modern technology! *[ this is a small canvas print stretched onto a frame. it is 20x20cm but other sizes are possible. all prints are one offs. you dont have to have canvas. the acrylic glass & aluminium are stunning. suitable for the robot era that we are entering?]

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