Runhild Roeder




20.0W X 20.0H cm

USD 700

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While Ideology of Scientific Objectivity in the Western world and Ideology of Social customs in the cultures that are religious rather than spiritually adept are undoing us all. Meaning that we are deprived of every day joy from one minute to another which is derived from willingness to explore meaning of life on its own terms. Fear of losing secure position in the world countries that consider themselves powerful string along Darwinism if their tribal slogans or blind faith fails. Leaders emphasise one day a proscience argument without knowing that biologically speaking we are still prodded by animal instincts of survival. If there is a kingdom thriving anywhere, it is held suspect. Well let us look at the positive side, since nothing is working, we are free to discover love which alone guides us out of misery. the end life happens when .two people fall in love with truth spoken at last disinterestedly. Let us not give up on falling in love with an art work, artist or beauty found in our innocent lover. Let us stop listening to tales told to us in grand narratives of homogeneity. good Science ( quantum Physics) has much more to teach us about being there with an open mind and being aware we do not round up people on basis of . ,gender to go and hunt animal flesh to eat and destroy the planet meanwhile with pesticides spread on rich lands of Africa or India or other places where contamination of political and blind power hunger has not stepped in yet.. God save us fthe Queen who is not simply waving the flag of caring for causes but an uncrowned one keeping herself in disguise just to do good for its own sake. This painting denotes generosity of a noble friend I have known for two decades who reinforced my spark and enthusiasm to rewrite Philosophy of two thousand years in my books and paintings and continue doing do with passion only God can support with Infinite Spirit of Infinite Love ( my experience of Allah, Jesus and Krishna ) and all saints is an inner experience that gets me out of bed and puts me to bed when my work is done to wake up to another beautiful and productive day. loving all and one at a time with sincerity of Keats, Shelley and Sir Rabindranath Tagore who inspired Hans Georg Gadamer. Gadamer was my mentor while I travelled around Europe teaching art and philosophy as a visitor, guest or short in term contracts. I only worked on my first post and last for 8 years each. My passion has a beautiful powerful outlet and I thank BIDGALA.COM for this website wherein I can reach you all. you can follow me on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other websites and galleries that post my work..If i can first meet my basic needs I share my resources with those who need them the most !!! . God feeds every sparrow I hope as is claimed in Scriptures.... .

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