Aljaž Vidrajz




151.0W X 151.0H X 12.0D cm

USD 32340

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Using dimensional techniques, mosaic fragments (tesserae), rise up as towers to the sky, surrounded by the rough desert surface. Dynamic mosaic lines in black and white paths lead us into the desert itself. Looking from different angles, changing light and shadows play musically upon the three dimensions of fingerprint like the gliding shadows one experiences in the city throughout the day, constantly drawing new rhythms, patterns and relationships while creating a synthesis of time and space. ...Author is pushing you to take a step back to discover his motive, and at the same time invites you to fully approach artwork and examine the countless pieces that are building it. Using his own contemporary mosaic technique with more than 60 different types of material, the author breathed life into the work that the observer gradually discovers. When looking at the work from the side, due to the specific mosaic 3D technique, you can only see the whiteness, the emptiness, but when walking through the space, the lines begin to open before your eyes.Tesserae, or mosaic pieces of various types of marble, hand-cooked Venetian glass, pebbles, tinted glass, ceramics, hardened tar, shells and other materials add special value and dynamics to the work in a seemingly black and white motif.

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