Runhild Roeder


Landscapes & Nature


20.0W X 25.0H cm

USD 560

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It is a depiction of my inner journey in self discovery. It is a triumph of a struggle to transcend the mundane reality while cultivating inner awareness of sensations and reflexes, of my presuppositions while observing and participating in phenomenon as subject with an autonomous mindset. I am weary of our world still stuck in all kinds of discriminations of cultural social constructs'. I have to work not only on my own perceptions but also ascertain i am not limited by prejudices of our era .My art practice and philosophical wisdom of Hans Georg Gadamer has helped me to transcend superfluous baggage that seems to hinder most. I have always been philosophical and empirical in my findings and deductions. ART is for me the way to truth , light and compassionate view of the world which allows disinterestedness. Inner dialogue set off by aesthetic experience that in turn helps me to refine my responses to a truth event "Truth is an event . Art gives the ontological clue to explanation of the given "....which is always historically situated in social context. Gadamer saw this rather clearly and discussed it in his TRuth and Method. A brilliant phenomenologist who cut through succinctly prejudices of both Greek and German Idealism . He saw we are "historical beings" and have prejudices which can be helped to decipher and liberate oneself to transcend the blocks through play of truth in art. It shows us how we can be flexible and let go of our stubbornness to hold on delusions. My spirit free finally from much confusion, I found myself driven to paint this great "SUN" ! Sun finally arose in my life as I took more seriously responsibility for my own reactions to events. I feel now in charge of my life , my art practice and am determined to not allow others' prejudices mar my clarity regained after hard investigations with rigour. Those of you who resonate with such a determination to see Nature in its full glory will love to have this "SUN" on their walls. Red and orange acrylic paint serves this purpose to give richness to this painting of "sun" within Self and in Nature correspond and profoundly connect. I loved the way I was led somehow by a burning desire to express my spirit that is now moving towards " dance" ...I am looking into taking up dance again.

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